Introduce about Homecares
The first company about healthcare service at home at Da Nang

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Mission of Homecares?

  • Bring medical service to home
  • Provide useful news about medical
  • Keep pace with the trend of Smart Health Care
  • Increase income for doctor, nurse
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How can HomeCares support to you?

  • Make appointment with doctor, nurse quickly, convenient
  • Health advice with doctor everytime, everywhere
  • Be supported and consulted by the Board of Professional Physicians
  • Counseling, care and treatment of chronic diseases under expert supervision

Our Services

Good quality services for you, for your home

Doctor On Demand Service

Doctor come home for adults and children

Nursing service

Take care, injection, infusion as directed by your doctor

Medical test at home

Fast, convenient, accurate at your home

Dịch vụ điều trị mãn tính

Bác sĩ kết hợp điều dưỡng tại nhà chăm sóc y tế cho các bệnh nhân mãn tính.

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