Homecares - Home Infusion Care NightTime

IV therapy is utilized in treating a number of conditions.  This also means that different home infusion care can administer a variety of medications in the comfort of the house.  As a result, patients are able to receive highly specialized and individualized medication protocols that are also closely monitored by a trained healthcare staff.

Some of the treatments that home infusion care can attend to include:

  • Antibiotics – for a number of infectious and chronic conditions, including respiratory issues and transplant infections

  • Parenteral nutrition – for conditions such as stomach cancers and other gastric diseases where patients cannot process nutrients through the stomach or intestines

  • Enteral nutrition – feeding tube treatments may be required in patients with advanced Alzheimer’s or other conditions where eating through the mouth is prohibited.

  • Cardiac therapies – which may include the blood thinning infusions or treatment for inflammations in the circulatory system

  • Pain management – which can include steroids and IVIG treatments for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis

  • General hydration – this treatment may be adjunct to other infusion therapies or may be required for patients with severe chronic conditions, or cognitive disorders and dementias which prevent patients from properly hydrating on their own